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What I offer

This is just a small extract of my product portfolio. If you have completely different requirements, which still fit into one of these topics, you can send a request via the contact form.

Web Developments

Simple or complex websites/homepages, software integrations or comprehensive interfaces.


Take advantage of professional photographs of your product, individual persons or your company (possibly with post-processing).


The Search Engine Optimization is used to display a website in search engines such as Google or Bing for relevant search terms as high up as possible.

Graphic design

Design of web and print media. If desired, the print media can also be printed.


Dennis Barlowe

Webdeveloper and -designer

About me

I have been interested in web design and development since my childhood. In 2016, after extensive preparation, I founded my own main pillar. In addition to my work, I am also interested in things that inspire, challenge and develop myself personally. This includes, for example, the ideal combination of travelling and photography.


The portfolio including an interface to this website is currently being developed. Please be patient, the references will be available soon.

Frequently asked questions

Nowadays, customer acquisition is mainly carried out via the Internet. Thus your website is the first lead of your customers.

The visitor decides within a few seconds whether to stay on the page or leave it again. A bad and confusing design leads to a high Bounce-Rate.

Requirement and Information is collected and analyzed. This includes, for example, the structure of the page, the required functions, which contents or structures already exist, and much more.

Required technologies and resources are identified. The offer is then made available for you.

If dynamic functions and databases are required, they are planned and implemented in detail.

The required style guide (according to the cooperative design, if necessary) is conceptualized and the website is designed on this basis.

Check functionality, usability and correct display of the design in the browser and on mobile devices.

The website is uploaded to the server and put into operation. I will also gladly take over the web hosting and purchasing the domain for you.

To access the website on the Internet, a web space and a domain are required. I am happy to take care of the web hosting and the purchase of the domain. I relieve you of the burden of finding the right package for your project. I also serve as a single point of contact for you if there are any questions or problems.

If desired, a support package can be added for the product. This includes the maintenance of the website (contents such as texts, pictures and links). In addition, small changes to a functionality or design are included (as long as this is not overused).

Small changes can be implemented within the framework of support. Major changes or enhancements to functionalities or design are treated as a separate assignment. The extent to which the desired change is made must be examined on a case-by-case basis.


Through close cooperation, joint support and motivation, experience and quality increase at the same time. The good thing about it is that you as a customer benefit from it!



  • Webdesign
  • Motion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Development
  • Photography


Let us talk about your idea. It won't hurt to ask.